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Runescape 3 is coming this summer!

Runescape 3 is coming this summer!.

A Very nice article to read though ūüôā

Its me GamyGuru BACK…. :D

Hey Fellows!!!!! Its me GamyGuru back from long vacation… Sorry guys!!! I left in emergency without announcing the results of competition… So we will announce it in next few days….

This time, I just want to remind you everything….
You will get these updates from GamyGuru blog in coming days:

– Tile Based Game in OpenGL
– Android Development Videos
– New Bookshelf Design
– Competition Result

And most importantly, 3 games have been started to be developed, so I will share all the problems and how a game is being developed with you on the blog… I hope you will love it and you will learn a lot….

See ya guys!!!!!!! GamyGuru is Back…. ūüôā

Inside The Game – Game Engine, Graphics Engine, and The Game

Hey Guys!!! First of all, I would like to thank you for providing me such wonderful views and interest in my blog, and I am really happy for you and my blog readers. Ooooops… Enough talking… Let’s get back to our wonderful and very interesting series¬†Inside The Game. For those, who are not familiar with¬†Inside The Game¬†series, this series will provide the articles and tutorials related to mechanisms and architectures of the game. Also, in this series, you will learn to think like a¬†game developer. Now,¬†if you have not read the last part of this series, please¬†click here¬†to read it. I am summarizing the last part here for those who have not read. In the last part, we discussed the general structure of any game. Any game involves a lot of disciplines, which are not included in software development normally. Some of those¬†disciplines are Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, and so on.

This part, called as¬†Inside The Game – Game Engine, Graphics Engine, and The Game, is sort of extension of the last part. In this part, we will compare most important components from developer perspective. So, let’s start the article now without delaying any more.

I don’t know, what I am going to read now?

As heading suggests, I really don’t know what I am going to read now. So let’s answer the question. We are going to know first about some basic concepts in a bit details used in any type of game development.

Graphics Engine

Graphics of the game is the first impression of any game. When any user gets any game, the most first thing he/she observes in the game is graphics. So, if the graphics are not much satisfactory then users stop playing the game. And after that it doesn’t matter to the user how good story is or how good musics are. So, in short, a game developer just loses everything he/she has made or thought just because of the graphics. Now, I am not saying here that you should only implement High Definition (HD) or 3-Dimensional (3D) graphics with advanced lighting effects, rather that I am trying to say here is that you should implement the graphics, which match your game theme, gameplay, and should be liked by the user mostly time. Hey hey hey!!!! I guess I have said a keyword here, Ummm…… Yeah! I remember!!! Gameplay… isn’t the word, we already know? No!!!! okaaay…. no problem. By the way, if you are wondering what is the image showing, well the image is showing the Open Graphics Library shortly OpenGL, which is a graphics engine.


If you don’t know what the gameplay is, then I will tell you little about it. Gameplay is the mode, when the game is running. So, at time of game running, what a game player sees, what he does, how he survives, how he completes levels and so on. These all things include in the gameplay. Many game developers make mistake of gameplay in terms of computer graphics. I didn’t understand, right? I know…. Game developers shift their focus on the graphics and effects, and they just forget about the gameplay. And in the result, what they get is ‘A very high definition 3D graphical game with low speed and low performance with very difficult gameplay’. If user can’t play the game, he is not going to see the graphics like a movie.

Have you got the point from both concepts? Let me summarize it a bit. If computer graphics are not good, then user is not going to buy or install the game, and if the gameplay is not good then user is not going to  play the game. So, developers not only focus on any one of them, rather developers should focus on both equally to make a balanced game.

Game Engine

Well! developer have to keep graphics and gameplay equal while coding, how is he going to achieve this? Answer is sort of simple as well sort of complex. Answer is the game engine. Game Engine, you can say, is a new concept we are learning here. Game engine¬†is a system designed for the creation and development of¬†video games. The leading game engines provide a¬†software framework¬†that developers use to create games for¬†video game consoles¬†and¬†personal computers. The core functionality typically provided by a game engine includes a¬†rendering engine¬†(‚Äúrenderer‚ÄĚ) for¬†2D¬†or¬†3D¬†graphics, a¬†physics engine¬†or¬†collision detection¬†(and collision response),¬†sound,¬†scripting,¬†animation,¬†artificial intelligence,¬†networking, streaming, memory management, threading,localization¬†support, and a¬†scene graph. The process of¬†game development¬†is often economized, in large part, by reusing/adapting the same game engine to create different games,¬†or to make it easier to “port” games to multiple platforms. I know I said very complex language of game engine above. So, let’s come to the point here. Game engine is the core functionality behind any game, whose¬†responsibility¬†is to manage and control every aspect of the game. So, game engine will manage the equality of the gameplay and graphics engine. If you are confused, then I will clear to you that game engine is a very big part behind any game and graphics engine is just a single part called as renderer.

Why are we talking about graphics engine, game engine, and gameplay here? Where is the game?

The Game

Well, what I say about the game. Game is the root, for which you are doing everything. For now you are reading this blog for that single word, The Game. Game is not game engine, rather game is result created ¬†by game engine plus the some specific things like game story, gameplay design, interaction, and so on. Remember, game engine doesn’t provide you the gameplay. Gameplay is dependent on the game itself, and game engine is the general component to be reused for different games.

Thanks for reading this post, I really hope that you like the article. I am open to any suggestion, feedback, comments, or any response. Don’t go anywhere please, because the more interesting posts on the game development are on the way to be posted soon.

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