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When Dreams Come True

Well well well…. its been a while I haven’t talked about anything on my lovely blog… haha… 😀

Well, today its kind of big day, actually no, its kind of bigger day for me. Why? You might be thinking why? Well, answer is simply the title of this article. Yes, when dreams come true… So, you haven’t asked it yet, but I am sure that you would be thinking about dreams or maybe dream which came true. So, let’s see them then.

Life is tough and complicated when you choose path of achieving some goal and making some dreams true. There are lots of problems and obstacles which tackle you, make you slow, even stop you or simply misguide you in wrong direction so that you can’t get your goals. Now, that’s how I am feeling about it. Its been almost 2 years literally and I am waiting for this day. And then finally and atlast the day came today and dreams came true.
So, what you think guys, what would I be feeling? Well, thanks to GOD, my family, my friends, all those who helped me through this directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, and You guys….. I finally did it.

I would like to thanks to all who supported me directly or indirectly, but I would like to thanks more to those who didn’t help me, because they taught me some very important lessons of life. Thanks.

But, is this end?
Ofcourse not, this isn’t an end. Its the start of very long journey. Life is gift, and gift is precious to everyone. So is to me as well. But, you feel more alive when you make your life better on your own guts by your own hardwork. I have been dreaming all the life for something really really big. I don’t know whether I can get it or not, whether i will get it or not, but I am trying and I will keep trying it until life is over. Sometimes, my friends or my own tell me about my dreams and say that its impossible dream to accomplish. You shouldn’t be supposed to work on impossible dream at all. And, instantly i say:

Dreams aren’t supposed to be classified on some criteria like this is possible and this is not. What i can do about my dreams is to try and work hard even harder when it seems to be impossible. I will die trying rather than keep quite and do nothing thinking that its impossible.

According to my life experience, when you choose path of achieving some dream, then a lot of things will try to stop you for various reasons. I observed that whatever you do, the very first one to question you is your spouse. Next in the list is parent or gaurdian, and finally your surrounding like friends, neighborhood, society etc. Its not like you ignore everyone, and choose path of achieving your goals. If i would do like this, let’s say i get my dreams, then what? I got none to share my success with.

when it comes to achieving goals, then there are two kinds of people. Those who step on others’ shoulders and move up, and those who on their guts and hard work goes up.

Well, i am talking about this dream for 2 years. What really I saw regarding changes in my circle. At very first, people in my circle appreciated me, motivated me, became happy, even said to pray for me. Gradually, I always used to say same thing over and over again, and people instead of motivation, they used to laugh at me and say something like you have been talking about it for a while. Saying is easy and doing is the hard thing. I took them as positive and increased my motivation. Some other time spent, and same people started making fun on me like repeating my dream in teasing style and they were hurting me indirectly and my motivation was decreasing. What I did was again to speak same dream over and over again. I used to speak it because sharing dreams with others was giving me motivation. During all time, some people even tried to lend me help, i wanted to take it but i was in no situation of taking it. You know how risk management works. So, it was almost there, and people even used hursh words this time like you can’t do anything, you are all just talk and nothing more. Literally, this incident really hurt me very deeply. I was so much demotivated and discouraged that i changed my plans and so the dreams. I started to ask people that will you like me when i forget my dreams and do some other thing instead. Haha, now same people are saying stuff like are you crazy, why you are thinking like that, you can’t do that etc. So, i really don’t get the point. When you were following your dreams, people were stopping you directly or indirectly, and when you thought of leaving it, same people asked you and pushed you to your dreams. I really didn’t get the point. What i did was that i stopped speaking about my dreams with others, and was working harder silently. Though it was quite hard and tough one for me to keep silence, but i did it. And, thanks to ALLAH, i did it. Those people are really proud of it, and those are creating roles of how they helped me through this journey, and share my success. I don’t mind it.

When you choose to follow dreams, people will stop you. When you think of stopping it, people will push you towards dreams or pull you out of it saying you are taking right step. And when you finally stop it, they will make fun of you and will say something like see, i told you earlier, or i already knew you haven’t got guts to do it, or share your story as bad example to learn from with others.
I will say only thing. No matter what they say, you just have to move forward and don’t look back. It is hard path even for a very little dream but you just have to make it true. At end, when you achieve your dream, those same people will be proud of you and will share your story with others.

I am glad that i did it. It was my first step to my life. Still a lot of path is left. It was just start. And thanks to all those people, who stopped me along my way, made fun of me, laughed at me, teased me, because they made me realize that how hard whole path is when taking first step is like this. Thanks and a big applause to all of those people.

More thanks to those, who believed me, appreciated me, motivated me, guide me. I am really thankful to all such guys. Hats off to you for listening my senseless dreams and believing on me and showing positive feedback. I can’t forget it whole life. Thanks For reading this.

Wajahat KArim

iOS 6 Tower Building Game| App Template

iOS 6 Tower Building Game| App Template.

Oh My GOD!!!! I am just a fan of Draw Something, they are launching another one…. Eagerly waiting to play it 🙂

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 (in angry spanich, mano)

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 (in angry spanich, mano).

Wow 🙂 Mass Effect 3… That’s cool 🙂

AtomP Review: Torchlight 2 [Runic Games]

AtomP Review: Torchlight 2 [Runic Games].

Waiting for it to play 🙂 That’s nice concept actually… Never thought like this..


Wajahat Karim


Remaining Always Motivated – 2

Hey guys!!! I am back again with our hot topic of blog: Remaining Always Motivated. This is the second part of the article called as Remaining Always Motivated – 1.

In the first part, I disused about internal and external motivation. Then I discussed about how external motivation is increased, and how internal motivation is affected. Environment and situations play an important role in affecting motivation. And the people who doesn’t get motivated are lacking internal motivation. In this article I will write about how one can get internal motivation and fight inner warrior, the environment which is decreasing one’s internal motivation, and how to change it and rise internal motivation.

Like yesterday, I will write it on basis of examples of my own life experience. So, when you are seeing that your environment is not suitable for you and you won’t be able to follow your passion or dreams there, then the very first step to be taken is to change it. Well, changing environment is good option but that will not give you surety that you will achieve your goals now. Let’s take example to understand it. There is a friend of mine. In his home, there are so much problems mostly financial related to family and income is way too low, so all the time in home there is depression. And due to this depression, everyone is angry most of time and most time there is fight between any two random family members. Now, my friend who  wants to achieve his goals through living in that home. Well, he can  control and try to understand the situation, but as I said in last part, you will get wet in every situation in the water. The important point is how get affected , because that’s the factor affecting your motivation either positively or negatively. So, water is family and home, and it is upto him to make decision and how he motivates himself. He can try solving the problem in the family. If solved successfully, then he can live happily and remember the more happiness creates the  more motivation. A very excited and happy person will work very hard and very efficiently as compared to a sad and depressed person whose mind and heart both are busy and engaged in feelings of the problem. But, if family problem doesn’t get solved, then he can also leave home and live someplace else for a while to get some encouragement to fight. Its like calm before storm or as I always say rest is best for test. But if he can’t leave home, then the most challenging job to do is left and i think that’s the last option he got . That is change the  environment by creating your own environment. To do this, the very first thing he has to do is forget about all the problems and tensions he is facing internally, emotionally, and mentally due to family. I always think that if it seems that solving problem is impossible then  try to forget it for a while and get relax so that you get energy to solve it next time. When he forgets everything, then the next thing he has to do is to create environment which motivates you internally. How can you do this? Well, I think there are lots of methods to do this. What I would say is create such surrounding that you remember every minute that there is nothing to worry and you got no problem at all, and then you have to just relax, and get motivated. Forgetting about problems is not about being careless, it is about getting some rest, encouragement, and motivation. Back to the point, how can we create surrounding that makes us remember that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry. Actually, motivation is a mind game, which we play with our own mind. Our mind tries to think about problems and solutions, and we on other side try to make mind believe that there is nothing to worry. What is need to do this? If our mind is busy in thinking about solutions of other problems, how we are supposed to think on other things. So, to work efficiently on problems, it is quite necessary to relax the mind, so we make fake impression before our mind that there is not any problem to think or worry. How we do this then? Well, its different and unique way for each person in this world. What I did was keep everything which motivates me not only in front of myself but also handy as well. For example, i was working on a game once. It’s been almost 2 weeks, and I was stuck in some serious bugs. I was tired of applying thousands of different solutions and was very demotivated. What I did to rise my motivation was to forget about all the problems. I went to outing, had some fun, went to party, and enjoyed company of friends. Then, I placed all the things which are related to the game in front of my eyes. For example, all the time my PC was on, desktop wallpaper  of PC was snapshot of game. All documents related to game were placed on my bed in hard copy. Days were passing away, and each time i saw these things I got some wave in my mind that i have to finish it. And in few days, I was back at my PC working overnight on the solution of game, and boom boom this time I really solved it. I face these kind of situations a lot of times. What i do is simply create an environment which motivates you. Most importantly, you have to be in fresh mood. For this, I use to ignore the problems for a while, then create the environment. Remember, if you won’t take some time to ignore and get relaxed, and will create environment, then tha environment will make ur worries more. You can even get frustrated. So, rest is really important in this situation.

In conclusion, what I wrote today was about creating the environment. Everyone wants different environment. You have to figure out that what kind of environment motivates you. And then you have to create that environment.

In the next part, I will write about how motivation is affected by emotions like being happy, sad, and so on. And, how can you take advantage of this trick to remain more motivated.

Thanks for reading…

Wajahat Karim

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