Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 (in angry spanich, mano)

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 (in angry spanich, mano).

Wow 🙂 Mass Effect 3… That’s cool 🙂


AtomP Review: Torchlight 2 [Runic Games]

AtomP Review: Torchlight 2 [Runic Games].

Waiting for it to play 🙂 That’s nice concept actually… Never thought like this..


Wajahat Karim


Remaining Always Motivated – 2

Hey guys!!! I am back again with our hot topic of blog: Remaining Always Motivated. This is the second part of the article called as Remaining Always Motivated – 1.

In the first part, I disused about internal and external motivation. Then I discussed about how external motivation is increased, and how internal motivation is affected. Environment and situations play an important role in affecting motivation. And the people who doesn’t get motivated are lacking internal motivation. In this article I will write about how one can get internal motivation and fight inner warrior, the environment which is decreasing one’s internal motivation, and how to change it and rise internal motivation.

Like yesterday, I will write it on basis of examples of my own life experience. So, when you are seeing that your environment is not suitable for you and you won’t be able to follow your passion or dreams there, then the very first step to be taken is to change it. Well, changing environment is good option but that will not give you surety that you will achieve your goals now. Let’s take example to understand it. There is a friend of mine. In his home, there are so much problems mostly financial related to family and income is way too low, so all the time in home there is depression. And due to this depression, everyone is angry most of time and most time there is fight between any two random family members. Now, my friend who  wants to achieve his goals through living in that home. Well, he can  control and try to understand the situation, but as I said in last part, you will get wet in every situation in the water. The important point is how get affected , because that’s the factor affecting your motivation either positively or negatively. So, water is family and home, and it is upto him to make decision and how he motivates himself. He can try solving the problem in the family. If solved successfully, then he can live happily and remember the more happiness creates the  more motivation. A very excited and happy person will work very hard and very efficiently as compared to a sad and depressed person whose mind and heart both are busy and engaged in feelings of the problem. But, if family problem doesn’t get solved, then he can also leave home and live someplace else for a while to get some encouragement to fight. Its like calm before storm or as I always say rest is best for test. But if he can’t leave home, then the most challenging job to do is left and i think that’s the last option he got . That is change the  environment by creating your own environment. To do this, the very first thing he has to do is forget about all the problems and tensions he is facing internally, emotionally, and mentally due to family. I always think that if it seems that solving problem is impossible then  try to forget it for a while and get relax so that you get energy to solve it next time. When he forgets everything, then the next thing he has to do is to create environment which motivates you internally. How can you do this? Well, I think there are lots of methods to do this. What I would say is create such surrounding that you remember every minute that there is nothing to worry and you got no problem at all, and then you have to just relax, and get motivated. Forgetting about problems is not about being careless, it is about getting some rest, encouragement, and motivation. Back to the point, how can we create surrounding that makes us remember that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry. Actually, motivation is a mind game, which we play with our own mind. Our mind tries to think about problems and solutions, and we on other side try to make mind believe that there is nothing to worry. What is need to do this? If our mind is busy in thinking about solutions of other problems, how we are supposed to think on other things. So, to work efficiently on problems, it is quite necessary to relax the mind, so we make fake impression before our mind that there is not any problem to think or worry. How we do this then? Well, its different and unique way for each person in this world. What I did was keep everything which motivates me not only in front of myself but also handy as well. For example, i was working on a game once. It’s been almost 2 weeks, and I was stuck in some serious bugs. I was tired of applying thousands of different solutions and was very demotivated. What I did to rise my motivation was to forget about all the problems. I went to outing, had some fun, went to party, and enjoyed company of friends. Then, I placed all the things which are related to the game in front of my eyes. For example, all the time my PC was on, desktop wallpaper  of PC was snapshot of game. All documents related to game were placed on my bed in hard copy. Days were passing away, and each time i saw these things I got some wave in my mind that i have to finish it. And in few days, I was back at my PC working overnight on the solution of game, and boom boom this time I really solved it. I face these kind of situations a lot of times. What i do is simply create an environment which motivates you. Most importantly, you have to be in fresh mood. For this, I use to ignore the problems for a while, then create the environment. Remember, if you won’t take some time to ignore and get relaxed, and will create environment, then tha environment will make ur worries more. You can even get frustrated. So, rest is really important in this situation.

In conclusion, what I wrote today was about creating the environment. Everyone wants different environment. You have to figure out that what kind of environment motivates you. And then you have to create that environment.

In the next part, I will write about how motivation is affected by emotions like being happy, sad, and so on. And, how can you take advantage of this trick to remain more motivated.

Thanks for reading…

Wajahat Karim

A Journey To Remember

Well, that’s more like 3 days passed without even checking my blog. Writing is far thing. As title states, I was traveling these days. And, I must say that this one is memorable journey of all. You might be wondering whether it was good or bad, I gotta say both…. Haha…. My favourite teacher used to say, A human can’t forget three things in life: his land, his language, and his culture. So, this journey is related to these things. When someone spends long time, in my case 4 years, at someplace. I think that place becomes a new and important part of life then. Then, sometimes you have to leave it, most probably forever, and get back to your old life from where you were come. This was my life. And then suddenly I planned with some of my buddies about getting back to same place for a while and get relaxed mentally by remember old memories. It was 26 hour journey by road in air-conditioning bus. Yeah, i know that’s too much time to sit on a seat. So, I left it at 1600 hrs, and instead of 26 hrs journey it took my 39 hours. That’s very bad. There are these people in this world, who are so much helpless due to hunger of their family and children, that they can’t say truth to someone in fear of losing opportunity of money. When these people are found in trade, then you really should be alert otherwise you can be in serious loss. And, when these people come in travel agencies, then travellers are found in some serious trouble. But, due to traveling, travellers really don’t have any other options left except bearing trouble. That’s what happened with me. At start of journey, roads were blocked mostly due to some reasons and i was 6 hours behind the schedule. So, it was quite difficult though, but time was passing by. And, when bus stepped on clear road, it was being stopped timely to take new passengers. We were already 7 hours late, and authority was making more late by taking passengers, taking food stops and so on. I was getting so much frustrated but I was silent. Even they stopped AC, and it was hot as hell without any water and customer services. Time was passing by. I was supposed to reach before 1800 hrs, and it was 2040 hrs at that time when they stopped bus far from my destination and told to pay back the ticket price. I got angry on hearing this. I told them that what i am supposed to do in this unknown city. To stay a night? Then leave in morning for destination? I mean i had to be in destination at 0900 hrs, and they are saying that they can’t go further. Then, after fighting for a while, there gave me seat in another bus, which was scheduled to leave after 2 hours. I was helpless. I mean what can I do except waiting and leave for destination. That’s not so fair. These people take advantage from passengers’ silence, they know that whatever we do they are helpless. They will yell for a while, then they will do as we say. That’s so much bad and negative thinking of these people. Don’t they have humanity and honesty in their hearts. Then, I left in that coach. During this time, a person like me was with me in this coach. He was shot in leg and had fake artificial leg instead of original. He was cook by profession and used to teach cooking on live television shows. We became very good friends during this 5 hours journey. He wad very disturbed person from his life after getting shot. His wife was asking for divorce from him. And fight was on 4 year only child of them. He shared his experience about he got this situation in his life, and advised some things not to do in life. We really enjoyed each others company. We exchanged each others contacts and promised to be in touch with each other. Well, its so strange that in trouble situations like this, people who suffer same feeling as you become so close and so trusty in very short time. They say right that in difficult time you can recognize someone and know his behavior. It was 0300 hours after 39 journey, when I reached to destination and my very best friend received me and we slept. Next day was awesome. It felt like I am back. I was at this place after so long time. I missed this place so much. I can’t express it in words. I met a very good friend of mine, whom i was in contact via online medium. That was so very good time we spent together. I met some very old friends of mine and some very best students of mine as well… That was totally awesome and busy day. Then, at night I was with my best buddy who received me other night. We used to go on football field and see stars and chat for whole nights. So, that night it was the same we did. We shared each others feelings. Its so good to share with your best buddy who understands you and guides you, then motivates you. Next day, there were a lot of people, with whom I had to meet. But, i have left only 12 hours before I get in coach and go back. So, I called all those friends, a number of 14, to a restaurant and planned a grand lunch. First I thought that hardly any person knows other person, so they will get bored due to new faces. But, when we met and mingled in each others, i couldn’t see that who is new to who. We were talking like we know each others for long time. It was so cool and awesome time we spent with eachother. Every one was thanking eachother and it was time to leave. We got transportation and left each others saying good bye. My 2 friends were with me. They came to coach with me, we exchanged good bye and it was a journey back. This time, it was good travel and no trouble. I got back on time at home. My friend at home said that out of 5 days, you spent 3.5 days traveling, what you got in so short time. You should have gone for atleast a week. I said that that 1 day gave me so much relaxation and piece that i can’t explain in words to you. They say right that you can’t forget your land, your language, and your culture. When you come back to these three things, then you get your life back. Sometimes, we live far from these things, and what we do is memorize our past good days and smile in an strange way to ourselves. Then, we look at present and say what sort of life I am living these days. I am so changed, wish I could go back. Then, you suddenly make plan and go back, and you realize that you aren’t changed at all. Its just the environment which is changed, you are still same old good person. And this feels so good, so much satisfaction, and so much relaxation. That’s why I call it : A Journey To Remember Thanks for reading it.. Regards, Wajahat Karim GamyGuru

Video Game Review: ‘DmC – Devil May Cry’

Video Game Review: ‘DmC – Devil May Cry’.

That’s a great game review 🙂 I loved it 🙂

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