Our Games

What is in this page?

This page is dedicated to all the games, which are being developed by GamyGuru and the team members from different areas. Currently, I am working on development of following different games mainly targeted for Android mobile phones. You can see read about behind the scenes of development to know the experience of how a game is developed. Someone has said very true that

There is no alternative of experience.

The Games Under Development Phase

Falletter – The Falling Letters

This is a simple classic game for Android mobile phones. The concept behind the game is to increase the vocabulary and have fun with it in a very interesting form of a game. There will be falling letters and user have to get only those letters, which form any specific word. You can read more about the game at its page: Falletter – The Falling Letters

Cut On One

This game is a very simple classic board game like Tic Tac Toe for Android mobile phones. The game is played in India on paper to pass the time. The game is 2 player game either played between Player vs. Player or Player vs. Computer. The player of the game will have to cut all the ones ordered in triangular form. The cutter of the last one will be winner of the game. You can read more about the game at its page: Cut On One

What will you can learn?

I am not posting any technical details of the games in the blog, because code and technologies behind the games are kept to secret due to team policy and privacy issues. However, I will post abstract concepts about the game, thinking process to develop the games, problems occurred and their solutions applied. Making long story short, you will get a lot of things about game development to learn from practical approach, because whatever I will be sharing will actually be happening in the games at the time.

Most enjoyably, game is for entertainment, so game developers are the entertainment providers, so you will see how much entertainment happens behind the development of the game…. 😛

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