Remaining Always Motivated – 1

Hello guys!!!!
Well, i didn’t wanted to miss the day without posting, but I did. Actually, what happens is that you get some responsibility and you are passionate about fulfilling it with your full energy and yes you are doing it as well. Whether you are going great or not great, it really doesn’t affect much. What really affects is your environment. Environment? For an environment engineer, this word describes a very detailed concept. For a middle class non-technical person, this word describes the surrounding where they live, they eat, they study and so on. For a rich person, this word describes the compatibility of the way he sees and thinks of the things and the way other people see and think. Rich persons mostly called as Hi-Fi party, or person etc. Because they think environment as a place where you are exhibited as Hi-Fi. For any IT professional or office working person, environment describes the office and the comfort in office while working. Specifically, for a game designer environment is some level of some game. Haha…. Its lot of examples about environment.

Well, the motivated people or motivation professionals like entrepreneurs who made something big out of nothing or small, artists, musicians, scientists, or what you have picture of that particular person who motivates you, shows path, guide you, and then appreciate you at what you have done, are always say something related to follow your passion, follow your heart,  follow your dreams, achieve your goals, and so on. Even, I use to say these phrases to my students to motivate them. I always thought motivation as trigger to what you do, and the most important part of what you do and why you do. I believe that motivation drives man, but what is it really behind motivation. If you got no motivation for anything, you are not going to do it. Then, how we gotta increase motivation. Because no motivation no driving, and you take stop, you do nothing, you get bored until some motivation affect you. It can be anything like you see something and you want to do it now, or someone shows you direction to follow and so on. See, motivation is of two kinds: internal motivation and external motivation. Something that motivates you externally is external motivation. For example, your teacher shows you some goal to achieve, or tells you about some reward to get, or scare you of some punishment in case of failure etc. Now, this motivation is external but this is taken as default when word motivation is taken. I saw lot of people, who preferably waste their time in useless activities instead of doing something useful. When I try to motivate them, what they say is whats advantage of this, what would happen and so on. And, when I tell them the positive and negative points of it, they compare the results with current situation of their life, and then finally they concludes it like, buddy, i don’t think that’s much of important to do or i don’t think that’s worthy of doing it, or see, its not much advantage, i am good in this situation and blah blah blah.

So, you tell me what you would do to motivate them. Point is that motivation is double edge sword, one edge is internal motivation and other edge is external motivation. We can’t hold the sword without being affected by other edge. One edge will be used to cut or get your goal achieved, but other edge will cut your own hand instead. So, to get your dreams and follow your passion, you must be brave enough to bear both edges. At inspiration videos, lectures, books, examples, we get only is external motivation not internal. And when I say motivation drives man is about internal motivation. The people who doesn’t get motivated as I wrote earlier in this article, these people are not internally motivated.

Question arises is how you get internally motivated. Well, its not an easy task I would say. Its like fighting your inner YOU and winning it. We get internally motivated from birth by our parents, siblings, friends, relationships, culture, environment, most important our lifw experience. For example, son of taxi driver always see taxi as income source and gets motivated to it when he wants income. This is how dreams in our heart arises.

So, if internal motivation comes from birth and life experience, then why and how it ends or fades from our life? And why external motivation doesn’t affect us? Well, answer is simple. The situation. That’s the word. The environment we live and see in our life creates different situations and we face those situations by our wisdom and create life experience for others to learn from. Now, when your environment is not good enough to morivate you internally, then you can’t get your goals. In these type of situations, what I do is to try to not decrease my motivation by keeping regular activities on. Its very hard actually to fight with environment and keeping yourself unchanged. Its like swimming in water without getting wet. You will get wet by water, but point that decides your measure of motivation is how much wet you become. Ofcourse, the more deep you go in water will make you more wet. That means more you mingle in the environment, the more you will be affected by it and so will be your motivation. If you know that your environment is not good or much internally motivational, then what you should do is try to avoid it as much as possible and try to change it as soon as possible. Because if you mingle in these environments, you will become like this. Your thinking will be changed, you will be lost, and you will die from inside. And, then hardly any external motivation will affect you until you make your internal motivation again high.

In a nutshell, try to stay away from bad friends, the people who always take things pessimistically, or the environment where you know you can’t do your things or you can’t follow your dreams or passion.

But, everyone always faces something which he doesn’t want to face. And that makes his life experience and unique among others. But, due to environmental change and affected internal motivation, a less number of persons survive from these situations and win thier goal. In the next article, I will write about how I fought with my internal motivation and environment,  and what methods I learned to fight it, and how I changed my environment, and how I keep my motivation high and getting my dreams true.

Thanks for reading it….

Wajahat Karim


About Wajahat Karim (GamyGuru)

I am Wajahat Karim living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am currently a Facebook Game Developer at White Rabbit Studios, Islamabad. I am passionate about game development for Android, iPhone, browsers, computers and more. I just wanna say that "Me, The Entertainer, Coz Everyone Needs Entertainment .... :D"

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  1. Hi… GamyGuru that’s a great effort i have been reading your blog continuously from your first post, it’s indeed a source of learning and Motivation for Gaming Geeks please also do write some beginner level tutorials of Unity3D and how to design a simple gaming Engine for Android Devices..

    • Thanks Adeel for reading my blog. your comments and your reading support really motivates me to write more.

      About Unity and Android engine, I have so much to write, I am just lacking resources. For while, I haven’t my laptop or pc to prepare tutorials, and I am blogging from my Android mobile phone. Surely, I will prepare some basis tutorials for Unity in office this week and will post it on blog. about android engine, I guess you would have to wait for a while until I get new laptop handy.

      thanks for your cooperation….

      Wajahat Karim,

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