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Back In Life – Back In Action

Hello my blog readers!!! I really appreciate your support for reading my blogs and I would like to thank you for your support. Well! It’s been about 4 months I haven’t even opened my GamyGuru blog. Ummm… You can say I was in quite troubles, actually lot of problems. And, after 4 months, when you can say that I have got rid of those problems, not all but most of them, then I am back in my life and I am back in action again. I and you, the readers, together will restart everything again. And we are going to do lots of things, and I am going to write about lot of things now (hold on, I am going to share everything in this post J ).

My Blog is My Mind
I started blogging back in June 2012, when I thought that I am learning lots of new things about Game Development and Computer Programming, so I thought to write those things and share with the people who are crazy about games and programming like me 😛 And YEAH!!!! I got success in that, and I am proud of my blog. Now, I am again starting to write of game development again and also I will be writing about other things as well. J Heheheh…. I know you might be wondering about what could be the other things I am talking about, well let’s have look on the all things which are in the blog or which are going to be in the blog.

Game Development is Fun and Crazy Thing 😛
Well, blog was originally started from the vision of writing about game development. So, ofcourse this topic is included in the list. I am re-continuing the Inside The Game series articles from where we left it off. A separate page is already created for Inside The Game series, you can see it in the menu of the blog. We will be developing games in C++ for learning purposes, and we will extend to Adobe Flash for browsers and cross-platform development and also we will be writing native android games developed using AND Engine, Unity3D, and others as well. Along with all these, we will write about application development using Adobe Flash and Android, and also we will be writing about most favorite topic of people today, that is Facebook. Yeah!! You heard it right, I will be writing on how to create Facebook games and multiplayer games in Flash as well… Interesting? Right? I know that…

GamyGuru Bookshelf
I am sorry that GamyGuru Bookshelf is offline and down for a while, and it’s not showing in the blog. L That’s because along with me my server went down as well…. Haha… Well due to some problems I stopped bookshelf, but now as I am back so the bookshelf will be online again soon with lots of new books and functionality

Development Dairy
Well, this topic is already included in the blog but with different name. In Development Dairy, I will be writing about my games which I am working on and will be showing you the behind the scenes of how games are being developed. Not only about games, also I will be developing bookshelf and few other products for the game, so I will also post Development Dairy of those products as well… there happens always some very funny, interesting, serious, shocking things behind any product development and I just want to share about it on my blog. I am sure you will love it and will also like it a lot.

App and Games Reviews
This topic is going to be new to the blog and from this topic it can be shown that blog is expanding the horizons and we are making this blog wide. This topic will include the apps and games reviews for Android, iPhone, Facebook and so on. Also, If anyone wants to get his/her app or game review written in this blog, he/she can email me at I hope I will be getting lots of apps and games to be reviewed.

Free Android Apps and Games
I will also upload free apps and games for Android in APK file so that you can download and enjoy those. If you want any android app or game, you can email me at the name of the app and if I can get it, then I will upload it on my blog free.
Life Experience
There is no alternative of experience. Experience is such thing which can be duplicated or copied. And everyone in the world has got his/her own life and so his/her own life experience. What a man gets in life, what he sees, what he observes, what he feels, what happens with him, and so on is all part of a life. In these last 4 months, a lot of things bad and good have happened with my life, and I will be sharing some lessons I have learnt and some good things to share about my life through this topic and series. I hope you will love it and you will be give me very good opinions and comments for that.

Pheewwwwwwwwww…………. I know I wrote a lot today J Well that’s the recovery of last 4 months … Haha 😀 And sorry you read a lot today and I hope you have loved it. I am going to do Game Development, Bookshelf, Development Dairy, Apps and Games Reviews, Free Android Apps and Games, and most importantly my life experience. I hope you like my blog and you will support me via commenting on the blog and reading the blog. Thanks

Will be back again with another great post soon.
Take Care… Bye

Wajahat Karim

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