Falletter – First Look of Game

Hey guys!!!!!!!
Falletter game (https://gamyguru.wordpress.com/category/our-games/falletter/) is under development. And the very first look of the game has been developed. The game is being developed in ActionScript 3.0 using Adobe Flash CS5.5, Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 as the development IDEs and Adobe Device Central CS5.5 as simulating environment.

There are no rules applied in the game, even there are no letters falling in the game. Only functional requirements of the game has been developed, and now the next step is the game art and game engine development. You can watch the video below. Please keep posted on the Falletter game page for more updates and exciting news about the game. Good Luck… 🙂

Falletter – The Falling Letters – First Look from Wajahat Karim on Vimeo.

About Wajahat Karim (GamyGuru)

I am Wajahat Karim living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am currently a Facebook Game Developer at White Rabbit Studios, Islamabad. I am passionate about game development for Android, iPhone, browsers, computers and more. I just wanna say that "Me, The Entertainer, Coz Everyone Needs Entertainment .... :D"

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