Cut On One – Words of Welcome

, Here we go, guys again…. 🙂

So as I told you earlier that I have been working on some games. I have already told you about the game Falletter. So I am developing another mobile game with an Indian partner. The name of the game has been decided as Cut On One.

The team behind the game is:

  • Wajahat Karim (GamyGuru)
  • Himanshu Jaju

You must know that this game will be published by AppZeya a new startup of mobile games and apps started by me and Himanshu Jaju. The game will be launched in month of October 2012.

Few Words About Cut On One Game

Well!!! Cut On One is a simple board game for Android phones. The game will contain triangle made of 1’s. User will have to cut all the ones, 2 maximum at a time. Game will be played between two players either Player vs. Player or Player vs. Computer. The cutter of the last one of triangle will be the winner of the game.

You can read more about the game and its development and other information at

Please keep updated on this page of Cut On One game to know more about the game and its behind the scenes of development.

GamyGuru (

About Wajahat Karim (GamyGuru)

I am Wajahat Karim living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am currently a Facebook Game Developer at White Rabbit Studios, Islamabad. I am passionate about game development for Android, iPhone, browsers, computers and more. I just wanna say that "Me, The Entertainer, Coz Everyone Needs Entertainment .... :D"

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