Its me GamyGuru BACK…. :D

Hey Fellows!!!!! Its me GamyGuru back from long vacation… Sorry guys!!! I left in emergency without announcing the results of competition… So we will announce it in next few days….

This time, I just want to remind you everything….
You will get these updates from GamyGuru blog in coming days:

– Tile Based Game in OpenGL
– Android Development Videos
– New Bookshelf Design
– Competition Result

And most importantly, 3 games have been started to be developed, so I will share all the problems and how a game is being developed with you on the blog… I hope you will love it and you will learn a lot….

See ya guys!!!!!!! GamyGuru is Back…. πŸ™‚

About Wajahat Karim (GamyGuru)

I am Wajahat Karim living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am currently a Facebook Game Developer at White Rabbit Studios, Islamabad. I am passionate about game development for Android, iPhone, browsers, computers and more. I just wanna say that "Me, The Entertainer, Coz Everyone Needs Entertainment .... :D"

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